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A Great Work Culture Requires Great People

As detailed in Baird’s culture statements, our firm seeks out individuals who value honesty, integrity, teamwork and excellent client outcomes. Often referenced by Paul Purcell, Baird’s late Chairman, when meeting with job applicants, the firm’s hiring strategy is based on the ‘No Asshole Rule.’

Baird’s ’No Asshole Rule’ is something Paul was deeply committed to, as hiring the right people is crucial to creating a great work culture. Paul and Leslie Dixon, former Chief Human Resources Officer, were featured in a WorksSpan magazine article titled: “No Assholes Allowed.” Paul shared why the rule is so important to Baird’s culture:

“When you’re happy, you’re more productive,” Purcell said. “When you don’t feel good, you don’t get as much done. It all goes to human psyche to being respected, trusted and valued.”

Paul and Leslie also emphasized the importance of the rule in the hiring process.

“When we interview, we really put people through the wringer,” Purcell said. “And the more senior the position, the deeper the checking. We have people who ask us, ‘How do I get through all of this?’ But they do.”

Dixon added: “If you’re interviewing someone and they’re using language like ‘I this’ and ‘I that’ instead of ‘we,’ that’s a sign of a difference in values.”

While associates have occasionally questioned the use of the term “asshole,” Paul emphasizes that the rule clearly demonstrates how important a culture of respect is to Baird. “The number one reason people join [Baird] is culture, and the ‘No Asshole Rule’ is part of it and highly differentiable.”

Read on to hear from associates who commented on the ‘No Asshole Rule’ in Baird’s Great Place to Work® survey:

  • “A distinguishing characteristic about Baird is its emphasis/insistence on teamwork. The ‘No Asshole Rule’ is a clear warning to all associates not to engage in selfish, self-centered conduct. The civility among colleagues stands out versus other financial services/investment banking firms.”
  • “Our ‘No Asshole Rule!’ It is the truth. Kindness and respect will get you much further at Baird than anything else. Jerks do not last long around here.”
  • “Baird has a very unique and strong culture, which embraces their employees and clients. Their ‘No A**hole Rule’ on hiring is a serious commitment to keep the culture of good people working together as a team.”
  • “I really like Baird’s ‘No Asshole Rule.’ It helps to develop a culture of kindness and respect in the workplace. We feel that we were each carefully chosen, not only based on our education and occupational skills, but also on our personalities and how we get along with one another.”
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