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The Baird Talent Acquisition team partners with hiring leaders across the firm to attract and hire exceptional talent focused on results and who will further Baird’s strong, integrity based culture. We are committed to supporting the Baird mission of being a best place to work through recruiting strategies that further our integrity-based culture, while supporting our initiative for Inclusion & Diversity and commitment to a great candidate experience.

What to Expect

The hiring decision is critical to both Baird and each potential new associate. Most interviews involve meeting with several people, which allows you the opportunity to get to know Baird, our associates, and your position of interest. We encourage you to ask questions throughout to be sure Baird is the right place for you. Here is our typical hiring process:


Discover Baird: Explore our organization through the internet, social media, and word of mouth. You’ll discover that we offer a unique culture, associates who care deeply for others, and opportunities for professional growth.


Apply: Search our career opportunities database and apply for the roles that align with your background, experience, and goals.


Initial Phone Interview: If you qualify, a member of our Talent Acquisition Team may contact you, allowing you to share your qualifications and learn more about the position.


Manager/Team Interviews: Should your phone interview go well, we’ll ask you in to present yourself and highlight your accomplishments and aspirations.


Offer: If an offer is made, we’ll ask you to review the details and accept the opportunity to join the team.


Onboarding: Submit your background check for review and clearance and complete your onboarding tasks.


Join the Team: Congrats on your new career with Baird!

What We Look For

People are our most important asset, and each is critical to our continued success. This is why we seek out individuals who embrace the values we live by, the selfless focus of our culture, the ethics that guide us and the results we expect. Here are some of the qualities we seek:

A strong sense of integrity

Baird is a client-first organization dedicated to doing things the right way. Each associate we hire personifies this value in every area of their lives. Treating internal and external clients with respect and dignity, we are committed to providing the best possible experience for all we serve.

An innovative spirit

Baird was built on a spirit of entrepreneurship and the ingenuity to find new ways of succeeding. We look for people who seek innovative, win-win solutions that benefit our clients and our organization.

Enthusiasm for collaboration

As our hiring managers look for cultural fit throughout the interview process, one asset they prize is the ability to thrive in a team setting. Collaboration among our internal associates is essential to properly serving our clients.

Consistent relationship-building skills

When things move quickly, it’s easy to push relationship-building aside. Always seeing the big picture, Baird associates make the time to maintain working relationships and build new ones. Strong people skills guide us through the ever-changing landscape of financial services.

A well-rounded perspective

The financial services industry is ever evolving, with innovations and change taking place every day. To accommodate the emerging needs of clients and ensure the best results, we hire individuals who embrace and thrive on change.

Appreciation for community outreach

We believe in putting the needs of the many before individual interests, and our culture is heavily invested in giving back. Our associates are encouraged to spend time in their communities to create a better future for their families and fellow citizens.

Interview Preparation

Regardless of the position you pursue, we want you to feel prepared and confident so that the real you—the one who caught our attention—emerges at just the right time. Keep these tips in mind as you prepare to interview:


Study the job description, research Baird and learn about our culture. Consider how to present your experience, education, skills and accomplishments. We recommend that you prepare questions for each person who interviews you, bring a folder with extra resumes, a notepad and pens; arrive five to ten minutes early; and wear professional attire.


To make a positive, lasting impression, show that you’re engaged in the conversation with positive interaction, including body language. Tell us why you’re the best candidate for the role and how your skills, experience, and ideas will contribute to our success. The interview is a two-way discussion, so be sure to participate.


As the interview concludes, express your interest in the position and ask about next steps. Then follow up with a thank-you note or email within 48 hours. It may take a few weeks for the recruiter and hiring manager to meet all candidates and make a decision so be patient and limit follow up calls and emails.

  • Phone Interview Tips
    • Power up early: Ensure that you have a reliable service connection and power source.
    • Find a good location: Choose a space that is free of distractions and noise.
    • Keep tools handy: Keep notes and questions close to your phone/interview area.
    • Wait for the recruiter to call: Give us 15 minutes after the scheduled time before reaching out.
    • Show enthusiasm: A phone interview is real—so communicate with energy.
    • Conclude with strength: Before hanging up, ask about next steps and follow up.
  • Video Interview Tips
    • Get connected: Ensure that you have reliable power, internet, video and audio connections.
    • Find a good location: Choose a space that is free of distractions, noise and darkness.
    • Follow instructions: We will provide steps for the connection process.
    • Conduct a test run: Be sure your equipment works properly.
    • Join early: Connect at least 15 minutes before the start time.
    • Engage effectively: A video interview matters, so engage effectively.
    • Finish strong: Before you log off, ask about next steps and follow up.

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