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Inclusion & Diversity

Baird’s commitment to inclusion and diversity stems from a strong culture of integrity, genuine concern for others and respect for the individual. We don’t just respect your differences, we value them. Join Baird and you will join a firm that believes inclusion and diversity creates great outcomes for everyone we serve.

Our ability to attract, retain and develop the best talent, and our passion for achieving superior results for our clients and associates are all crucial to our success.

Inclusion and diversity is a shared responsibility and a process of continual improvement, and we are committed to using a wide array of strategies to stay on track and ensure that every voice is heard. Scroll down to see the many ways we’re keeping our entire organization moving forward on this journey that is never ending and always rewarding.

Our Inclusion & Diversity Statement

Baird is committed to diversity for our clients, for Baird associates and for the communities in which we live and work. This commitment is in keeping with our culture of integrity, our genuine concern for clients and fellow associates and our respect for the individual.

Our commitment to diversity includes providing opportunities for every individual to advance professionally and personally regardless of gender, race, color, age, religious affiliation, nationality, sexual orientation, physical ability or gender identity, which are just some of the differences that make each of us unique.

Responsibility for creating a diverse organization begins with our executive management team and continues throughout our entire organization. Baird recognizes that a diverse team allows us to better understand our clients’ and associates’ needs and enhances our ability to develop creative solutions for how those needs can best be met. We have created an environment where differences are understood, respected and valued and where diversity unites, rather than divides, us.

Baird has long been active in helping individuals of all backgrounds achieve their personal best. For our associates, this includes initiatives in work/life balance, leadership training, recruitment, scholarships, internships, mentoring and networking. Baird and our associates also support a wide variety of community initiatives aimed at promoting diversity. Our community involvement allows us to play an active role in shaping the communities in which we live and work today and want to serve in the future.

Baird’s culture, our ability to attract, retain and develop the best diverse talent, and our passion for achieving superior results for our clients and associates are all crucial to our success. These are among the many reasons why we are committed to the continued pursuit of a culture of diversity that focuses on our clients, our associates and the communities we serve.

It Starts at the Top

A commitment to inclusion and diversity begins at the very top, with the leaders on our executive committee and continues throughout our entire organization. To ensure we never take our eye off this key driver of our culture and results, Baird established committees that oversee the planning and execution of all inclusion and diversity efforts.

  • Executive Talent Committee: Composed of 12 members of Baird’s Executive Committee including Baird Chairman & CEO Steve Booth this committee champions and sponsors our global diversity efforts in conjunction with our Business Diversity Council.
  • Business Diversity Council: The Business Diversity Council, formed by senior leaders from across the firm, is responsible for overseeing the planning and implementation of firm-wide inclusion and diversity strategies. Far from “in name only”, they work closely with our ‘boots on the ground’ teams, including dedicated committees, task forces and Baird’s Associate Resource Groups to get things done

Inclusion & Diversity at Work

Simply put, inclusion and diversity is integrated into the fabric of every business unit and group at Baird, enhancing the way we operate to create great outcomes for our associates, clients and the communities where we live and work.

Diversity Recruiting & Community Partners

Attracting and retaining associates with different backgrounds and varied perspectives not only fits our culture, it gives us a better understanding and appreciation for the unique needs of our clients.

And we know we can’t do this alone. We sponsor and partner with academic and professional organizations to enhance our efforts to attract and develop diverse talent for all areas of our business.

Leadership & Professional Development

We offer diversity focused internal and external mentoring and leadership development opportunities that empower our associates to expand their network with other business leaders to gain valuable experience and exposure.

Senior leaders are active mentors and sponsors in our associates’ development and career advancement.

Honoring How People Think & Work

We use some of the very latest resources to further our inclusion and diversity efforts, including communication tools designed to provide new perspectives on how different people think, work, and succeed at work.

We provide learning opportunities for all leaders and teams to support our goal of leveraging the diversity in our teams to make better decisions and serve our clients. Some key topics these programs focus on are managing unconscious bias, inclusive recruiting and demonstrating empathy.

Associate Resource Groups

We realize that our people—and the passion they have for what they do—make us unique. Their energy, experience, and ideas define this as a truly great place to work. To show our support for their contributions, we have formed associate resource groups where team members with like interests or backgrounds can discuss workplace challenges and share solutions.

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