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Associate Resource Groups

Community Involvement

BAIRD GIVES BACK continues the firm’s proud tradition of reaching out to our communities by collectively contributing thousands of hours in volunteer time each year to a multitude of global nonprofit organizations.

The group’s most visible activities occur in May, during Baird Gives Back Week, a week of collaborative volunteer opportunities planned entirely by associates. Family members and friends join associates to perform community service, aid the less fortunate and support arts and education.

Key Initiatives:

  • Global community service and volunteering during Baird Gives Back Week event
  • Partner with Baird Foundation and Marketing to enhance Baird’s brand as an employer of choice

Cultural Diversity

PRISM represents multicultural diversity across the firm and strives to make Baird a more inclusive company for associates and clients.

The purpose of Prism is to help Baird in creating an inclusive company culture for associates and clients from diverse cultural backgrounds. In addition, we provide associates of underrepresented ethnicities with support, resources, and opportunities for professional growth and development.

Key Initiatives:

  • Cultural Celebrations for AAPI, Black History & Hispanic Heritage Months
  • PRISM Connections: A Peer Mentoring Program for Multicultural Associates
  • Career development and member engagement experiences that enhance the multicultural associate experience


SPECTRUM is Baird’s lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender group that works to establish inclusive firm policies and procedures to cultivate an open and authentic work environment.

The group provides support and networking opportunities and promotes activities that raise awareness of LGBTQ communities. Spectrum researches and offers advice on new approaches to attract and retain top talent and work across the firm.

Key Initiatives:

  • Led the firm’s effort to achieve a 100% score in Corporate Equality Index
  • Partner with business leaders and Marketing to create LGBTQ-specific client resources
  • Build relationships with LGBTQ-focused community organizations and local universities to form partnerships and build a LGBTQ recruiting pipeline


PULSE explores the needs and trends of Baird’s next-gen associates through the promotion and engagement of firm and community opportunities.

Dedicated to Professionals United for Leadership and Social Enrichment, the group creates a platform for associates to collaborate and build connections with peers and leaders. PULSE further supports the firm’s retention efforts by providing opportunities for networking, information-sharing and skill-building.

Key Initiatives:

  • Partner with business leaders to inform design of financial products and services
  • Lean Coffee series for networking and professional development
  • Connect Next Gen Associates with Total Rewards
  • Next Gen Strategies for Leaders


PATRIOT supports members of the U.S. military, veterans and their families.

In addition to assisting current and former members of the armed forces, the group focuses on recruiting and retention—making Baird the employer of choice for veterans. PATRIOT hosts regular events and encourages associates to get involved in the community throughout the year.

Key Initiatives:

  • Celebrate the contributions of veterans at Baird through Memorial Day and Veteran’s Day events
  • Enhance the work experience for all veterans, allies and their families to drive retention
  • Support Baird associates and their families during deployment
  • Partner with local veterans-related organizations to support veterans and their families

Women at Baird

ASCEND shares a common vision of making Baird the employer of choice for women in the financial services industry.

Through recurring professional development sessions, small networking groups and special events, ASCEND continues to expand leadership opportunities for women, promote their voices and perspectives inside and outside of the firm, and help us retain the best women in the industry.

Key Initiatives:

  • Global Celebration of International Women’s Day
  • Firm-wide Small Networking Groups program
  • Member programming such as resources for parents and benefits to women at different life phases
  • Partner with external marketing resources with support broad I&D initiatives
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