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CultureEvery Relationship is a Partnership

Associate Promise

At Baird, we believe every associate matters and contributes to our success. We’re committed to providing a diverse and inclusive environment of trust, respect, and equity where you partner with the best in the industry and thrive. We are passionate about how we achieve great outcomes together for our clients, communities and each other.

“Our culture is comprised of individual talent coming together as a team to deliver for our clients and each other. Inclusion and diversity is integrated into the fabric of each group at Baird, enhancing the way we operate to create great outcomes for our associates and clients, and have a meaningful and positive impact on the communities where we live and work. That is what helps make Baird a great place to work.”

Rodney Jones-Tyson
Global Chief Human Resources Officer

Baird is a team in the very best sense, sharing expertise, championing and recognizing excellence, and serving alongside one another in our offices and in our communities. We all have something invaluable at stake with every action we take. We stress the importance of partnership with our clients and colleagues in finding the best solutions. We have an unparalleled culture of ideas, pride and respect for all associates, regardless of role.

Baird Mission & Values

Our Mission
To provide the best financial advice and service to our clients and be the best place to work for our associates.

Our Values
Nothing means more to us than the success of those we serve. It is the source of our satisfaction with our work as well as our continued legacy of excellence. Here are the ideals we live by:

  • Clients come first.
  • Integrity is irreplaceable.
  • How we succeed is as important as if we succeed.
  • Quality is our measure of success.
  • The best financial advice is the result of expertise, diversity and teamwork.
  • We will not tolerate anyone who puts themselves ahead of the client or ahead of the firm, or who breaks our Associate Promise.
  • We seek personal balance and wellbeing at home, work and community involvement.
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Inclusion & Diversity

“We are in the business of making decisions and helping our clients make decisions. The more diversity you have around the table when evaluating those decisions, the better those decisions will be.”

Gordon Pan
President – Baird Capital

We welcome and support talented, ethical individuals of different cultural and professional backgrounds, valuing the way their diverse skills, education, interests, goals, and experiences inform their perspectives. As a result, our teams can employ multiple views to identify the innovative solutions our clients need. Through targeted programs, internal associate resource groups, and diversity recruiting and community partners, we assemble some of the most inclusive teams in financial services. Explore further to see how we help them realize their career objectives, and how they help us succeed.

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Community Involvement

American financier and Baird Vice Chairman John G. Taft said it best: “The ultimate purpose of finance is to improve people’s lives.” At Baird, we agree. We know we can’t be successful if our communities aren’t successful, and it’s time, effort, and financial resources well spent to ensure the future of our neighborhoods, our industry, and ultimately, the world we all share. Read on to see how you can make a difference in lots of different ways through the Baird Foundation, Baird Gives Back and other initiatives.

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Employee Ownership

Some organizations talk about being invested in their work. At Baird, we actually are. Approximately 80% of our associates are shareholders in our firm, and we all share in the profits realized when our clients succeed. As an employee-owned and privately held firm, we can take a longer view of the way we run our business and reinvest in what’s best for our clients.

We view our clients’ goals and successes as our own. We do what’s best for everyone involved. From our point of view, ownership is a collaborative effort that encompasses our values, actions, and results. We do more than believe in our principles; we invest our time, talent, and ambition in bringing them to life every day.

Total Rewards

People are easily the most important factor in our success. They differentiate us from our competitors with their commitment to integrity, their dedication to quality results, and their willingness to put the client first. In recognition of their significance, we offer benefits and compensation that are designed to enhance every aspect of their lives, from the personal to the professional. Join us, and experience what it means to be truly appreciated.

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Awards & Accolades

We believe the industry honors and recognitions we earn validate our cultural principles and the way we choose to run our business. Some of the most treasured are those related to excellence in the workplace whether citing our entire organization, our associate resource groups, our outreach efforts, or one of our many talented associates. These distinctions say a lot about our people. It’s good to know that they feel truly appreciated, engaged, and inspired to do their best work within the organization we all have a hand in shaping.

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